Information about the covid-19 pandemic to guests

Dear Guests,

CheapSleep Helsinki is open and we are doing all we can to keep our staff and guests safe during the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

Steps we are taking include:

  • Cleaning all door handles, elevator and buzzer buttons and other commonly touched surfaces repeatedly throughout the day.
  • We have created hand sanitizer stations throughout the hostel.
  • We are separating travellers within our dorms to maintain a lot of distance. Guests travelling together can still be next to each other. 
  • Any member of staff with any sort of illness, no matter how mild, are being told to stay at home and isolate. 
  • Our bar and our breakfast have been cancelled for the time being. This follows government guides which aim to protect public health. There is a 24h supermarket in the same building as the hostel which is well stocked. 
  • We are encouraging rigorous handwashing and personal cleanliness. Coughing into elbows and sneezing into one-time tissues are strongly encouraged at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns about health and safety at the hostel you can contact us at our front desk on the 4th floor, on FB, by email (, by phone or Whatsapp (+358404838280).

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